Verified Sustainability Efforts

Track and trace from donation to tree growth – promote transparency – create trust

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Blockchain for 
verified reforestation

Verify sustainability endeavors through blockchain technology

Guarantee projects are traceable, permanent, monitored, and have lasting positive effects

Provide record and impact reporting of initiatives and individual contributions

Avoid duplicate records

Integrate trackable solutions seamlessly in a sponsor’s business model

Empower consumers to take collective action with businesses doing good

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Cardano Advantages

  • Competitive capabilities – low requirements to implement an advanced traceability solution

  • Easy to design – supports both mainstream and specialized programming language

  • High-customization – all types of information included as metadata and no third-party translation needed

  • Secure and cheaper to mint – created on the ledger itself and without requiring a smart contract

  • Predictable – cost calculated per transaction size and fully deterministic transaction outcome

  • Committed ecosystem – ongoing environmental initiatives from the Cardano community

Create innovative solutions

  • Apply NFTs to enterprise solutions

  • Collect, store, manage, and deliver data directly to stakeholders

  • Monitor and validate real-time data

  • Create trust and transparency

  • Engage consumers

veritree NFT token

“Through working with the Cardano Foundation we have aligned with their community's most knowledgeable and dedicated environmental leaders, from around the globe. The strength of this partnership and collective effort will lead to global impact on a massive scale."

Derick Emsley, CEO at veritree

Enabling trust in restoration initiatives

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