A bridge between new and traditional finance

Regulate and derisk adoption – decentralize – improve accessibility

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Blockchain for 
financial inclusivity

Onboard community-based financial institutions into global financial ecosystems

Maximize blockchain’s potential to create reliable digital platforms supporting the unbanked or underbanked

Bridge traditional finance systems with blockchain’s new financial operating system

Use digital platforms to overcome technical limitations of small-sized financial institutions

Leverage innovative solutions in areas without access to large institutions

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Cardano Advantages

  • Robust foundations – based on peer-reviewed research

  • High assurance – a reliable blockchain for financial institutions

  • Secured – use of formal methods, quality standards, and regular audits

  • Non-custodial staking mechanism – delegated funds remain liquid at all times

  • No slashing – delegators cannot lose delegated funds when stake pool operators behave incorrectly

Create innovative solutions

  • Enable market access within regulated financial institutions

  • Set standards for regulated financial institutions

  • Derisk adoption efforts

“To further excel and maximize the potential of blockchain, we’re looking at emerging protocols like Cardano to connect traditional financial markets to the world’s most innovative financial operating system.”

John Januszczak, President and CEO of UBX Philippines

Launching a public stake pool on Cardano to innovate financial solutions

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