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supply chain


Risk mitigation – better protected against exploits, phishing code, and cyber threats

Assets – secure during creation, distribution, and management

Deterministic Fees

Predictable – proportional cost to the resources used (memory, CPU, and storage)

Ability to anticipate failed transactions – transactions outcome fully known in advance

Ideal to scale applications – simple to know any cost beforehand

No locking period – delegators can access or withdraw their funds at any time

No slashing penalties – delegators cannot lose delegated funds for the stake pool operators’ harmful behavior

No intermediaries for rewards - the Cardano protocol generates the rewards and passes them directly to the delegators

Cardano stake delegation experience

Advanced metadata applications

Low-cost but high-customization – users can choose any type of information to embed as metadata

International data standards – metadata records can include all necessary information to meet transparency requirements

Adaptable – flexible metadata records enable a wide variety of applications and microtransactions for multiple needs and intents  

Beyond immutable – professional third parties and end users can verify the authenticity and accuracy of the metadata records

Greater efficiency with one transaction – a single transaction can hold more data (currently up to 16 KB) 

Large data capacity  – metadata records can include all necessary information to meet international industry standards

Versatile – developers can use their preferred mainstream or specialized programming language 

Advanced storage solutions


Native assets – fungible and non-fungible tokens are both treated as native assets making the process secure and simpler

Cheap and efficient to mint – one single transaction fits hundreds of NFTs

Easy to design – devise various applications without needing customized code

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